Meraklis Greek Coffee is available in 3 packages of 490g, 194g, 96g

Are you up for enjoying again authentic Greek coffee?

Around 40 years ago in the mid 1970s, “Meraklis” Greek coffee was the common secret of those who really knew. Excellent foam and pure enjoyment at every sip… Full balanced flavor and an old secret recipe for the blend mix and the roasting process.  A blend for the few connoisseurs made in small batches for those seeking uncompromising quality.  The Meraklis name comes from the special Greek word “meraki”, passion and knowledge for enjoyment.

Life changed a lot since the 1970s.  People got busier having less time to enjoy slow brewing coffee.  New coffee types came to the market from European traditions. However, Greek coffee is resisting. It is by far the largest coffee category even today.  It is part of our DNA, an everyday ritual and enjoyment.

Greek coffee enthusiasts will confirm that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find and enjoy excellent coffee blends and servings anytime desired with consistently high quality.  This is the need in the market that Meraklis aims to cover.  To remind the older and to introduce to the younger what authentic Greek coffee is all about.  Just like in the good old times!

We used the classic old recipe without any shortcuts.  Same blend, perhaps the only blend today consisting of four exceptional varieties.  Beans are carefully selected and slow-roasted to capture all precious aromas and safeguard the superior taste.  They are grinded and sealed in special packages to safeguard freshness so that you can feel the freshness and plentiful aromas from package opening until the last cup.

Till the last sip of pure enjoyment!